Be A Certified PHP Professional

Background: The course is designed for people who have basic knowledge of computers & have the desire to learn a web scripting or programming language. In this course, details regarding the basic as well as advance level of web programming will be explained along with basic knowledge of the Internet and web servers. Some Details about networking will also be covered. As a whole, this is the course that you are looking for to learn PHP from scratch and become an expert web developer. CPP (Certified PHP Professional) certification is one of the most recognized Indian certification in the field of PHP based web development. The Program covers all aspects of web application development using PHP and MySQL, enabling one to become a Web Application Development Professional.

Course Duration: 50 Hours

Course Module:
  • PART I PHP Basics
  • PART II Installing PHP
  • PART III Basic Scripting
  • PART IV PHP Building Blocks
  • PART V PHP Structures
  • PART VI Function
  • PART VII Array
  • PART VIII Objects
  • PART IX Working with Forms
  • PART X Working with Files
  • PART XI Database Integration - MySQL
  • PART XII More Commands
  • PART XIII Dates
  • PART XIV Cookies
  • PART XV Debugging
Job Opportunities:
  • Web Developer
  • Online Application Engineer
  • PHP/MySQL Coder
  • Work as a Free Lancer
  • and more..
Course Fee: Rs.5500